Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of our Summer Sailing Shoot

“Guys – the hatches are all closed, right?” On a sailboat, there are plenty of good times to ask this question: say, right as you’re pushing off from the dock, leaving the marina, or even (if you like to live
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Behind the Scenes of our Summer Camping Photoshoot

Recently our team headed out to the nearby Tolt-MacDonald Campground just outside of Seattle to set the scene for some fun camping photos and video content. We had a beautiful sunny day and some delicious food to grill up, including
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Behind the Scenes of our Summer Entertaining Photoshoot

A glimpse into what went on behind the scenes at our Summer Entertaining photoshoot… aka, that day we got to cook and eat a ton of delicious food at the beach. It’s not every day that you get to call
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A Few Staffing Insights

Confirmation of three huge lessons all at once. A new employee quit unexpectedly recently.  Just didn’t show up one morning.  Turns out that he was a fragile soul and couldn’t handle the pressure of tricky customer service situations.  I understand
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Box Art By Garrett Marx

Because a lot of the meat sold on MarxFoods ships from our New Jersey facility, but is photographed here, we often get “care packages” of goodies to be used in photo shoots, recipe development, etc. While boxes filled with New
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Temperature Recorder

Check this out. A temperature recorder rode in with the first pallet of meat to the retail shop.

Retail signs are in!!

I am so excited that our retail signs are in. It’s more like a billboard on the side of the shop, with visibility a quarter mile down Elliott Ave! They still need to put in lights and raised letters and
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Friends & Family Party was a Blast!!!

On Tuesday we officially christened the Marx Foods retail store with a Friends & Family party.  It was great to show everyone our new shop! Outside Looking In: Inside Looking Out: Of course, we aren’t just starting a new retail
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Our Seattle Shop’s Food Art

Our retail roots are online, so our Seattle retail concept was dreamed through a digital lens.  It’s being implemented that way too.  Our retail shop will have a home page and a masthead and interactivity. In that spirit, we endeavored:
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Summer Company Picnic 2012

A winter holiday party isn’t enough for us.  My staff is so awesome (and we’ve recently had a lot of reasons to celebrate), that a summer picnic was in order. This year, I went all out with an epic feast
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Anatomy of a Photo Shoot 2

Once a month, we put on a big production of a photo shoot with our executive chef.  It has gotten to be a bigger production than the last time I wrote about it, but we still follow the same basic
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The 6th Marx Generation is Here!

I’m an uncle as of March 11th!  And the Marx family now has the 6th generation to groom for the family business.  That means that as soon as he can push a broom, that cute little dude is headed straight
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