Behind the Scenes

I have a fetish

There are many kinds of virginity. Thank goodness that being married doesn’t preclude me from taking a particular kind of virginity. Men, women, children, seniors … whatever. When it comes to getting people to eat their first oyster, I am
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Eaters of Honor

In the last few years, we have developed about 700 recipes, like this. Up until recently, we held the photoshoots at my house. My lucky neighbors would come over in the afternoon and help us make sure that no food
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How to Tell if Someone is a Chef

Simple.  Their babies are able to clean a kobe tomahawk steak to the bone.  😉 The below is from our new chef, Autumn.  We sent her home from our last shoot with a tomahawk and it looks like her family made quick
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Food Porn: 1 lb Alba Truffle Edition

That scale is in kilos.  Can’t even imagine how to slice that puppy.  No words necessary. Italian White Alba Truffle season is on!

Moved in to the New Office!

So it’s been several months since I wrote this post telling you that we were going to be moving….where are things with the project now? Though we’ve only moved next door, the difference between 144 Western and 140 Western is
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Chicken Nuggets? Seriously?

So we’ve finally got the dust and packing boxes sorted after our move. One of the big, big plusses of moving our office is that our new digs have a full kitchen. Imagine our surprise when we looked closely at the stove
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Meet Garrett Marx

To say that I am proud of my little brother Garrett would be an understatement.  Garrett who you first met here is exceptionally smart, likeable and sensible.  He instinctively and effortlessly understands a lot of the things that it has taken me
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Advice for Job Seekers

Hiring is without question one of my most important jobs.  Period.  End of Story.  I am extremely grateful that our business is expanding.  And I am stoked to bring another superstar into our little work family! But hiring is one
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Thanks Becca for cultivating a jungle…

The weather just started to become gorgeous in Seattle.  Finally, summer is here.   The only problem is that it makes it difficult to sit in the office and focus, as you might imagine.  Fortunately we’ve managed to cultivate a certain amount of the
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Soccer and the future

The Pacific Northwest has a really bad collective case of soccer fever.  The Seattle Sounders average attendance has been 36,000 strong.  Games are a blast.  I have had season tickets for the past couple years.  There is nothing worse than not
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Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

We usually do our photo shoots at my house, but we recently staged a mini-shoot at our office, so that we could work with some clam, mussel and whelk samples that we got in.   My guess is that most
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PR Pinky Toe Dipping

Even though our webstore will never be complete, we are ready to be on the radar of the big food media.  Don’t you think it is time for them to know us?  (if you agree and you know a food journalist or
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