The Pack

Cute LOL stuff – Our office pack is always good for it

Did I mention that our office pack is a riot? While they get plenty of treats around here, they are also not immune to my taunts. It was way too funny when I teased them with this Grass-fed Ribeye. They
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Nyoki Got Drunk Again at the Holiday Party…

This dog has no inhibitions!  Always a source of laughter for us around the office, he keeps outdoing himself. Wow, I can’t wait until he gets up from his nap so I can show him what he’s done … AGAIN
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He’ll eat roadkill, but not an oyster?

We photographed some raw oysters today and they sat out in the photo studio a little too long to be subsequently consumed by humans. So, rather than let it go to waste, I tried to feed it to Nyoki. No
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Our office dogs make us laugh, but can they discern quality beef?

On Friday, we sampled some of our new line of grass-fed beef from New Zealand. It is pretty amazing stuff and we have received wonderful feedback. We opened up a striploin, ribeye & rump cap. I cut some thin steaks and
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We are having way too much fun today

We are announcing a new recipe challenge later today.  We held the photoshoot this morning and Ryan is currently designing the poster for the challenge post.  Everybody in the office was laughing hysterically, except for Nyoki.  It’s not that he is
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My Favorite Paperweight

When I work late, Nyoki comes over, paws my legs and gives me a look that says “alright, it’s a late night, let me up.” You can’t beat that for a paperweight. Crazy cute.

Dog Birthday a Hysterical way to end the week

Denali turned 2 so Katy baked a doggie carrot cake for the pack and they feasted while we tasted some new truffle products and sipped champagne on Friday to wrap up the work week. It was a freakin hysterical way
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A Natural Stress Reliever at work

I love my job, but work can be stressful sometimes. Thankfully, if any of us ever gets stressed around here we just squeeze a puppy. Buddy & Nyoki, the two smaller members of our office pack, are always eager to
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