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New to Marx Pantry:

super bites super bites

Superbites are packed with protein, energy, and simple ingredients. They’re gluten, wheat, yeast & soy free and have none of the junk found in some other energy bars.  They’re remarkably good for you, and remarkably tasty.  We now carry almond superbites & cashew superbites.

St Jude Tuna
St Jude Tuna St Jude Tuna

We love St Jude tuna here at Marx Foods.  This local, family owned & operated tuna fishing boat brings in excellent catch & cans it with care.  The level of quality is far superior to the mass market stuff.

We now offer two varieties: Solid White Albacore (in its own juices) & Solid White Albacore in Olive Oil.

Italian Honey

Italian Honey

Italian Honey Italian Honey Sampler
Wild Carrot Honey

Rhododendron Honey Honey Gift Tube Sampler

Mieli Thun is a small Italian honey company selling the wares of Andrea Paternoster, a nomadic beekeeper.  Andrea moves his bees around Italy in tune with the flowering seasons of various plans, collecting superb monofloral honey varieties with unique characteristics.

Vegan Caramel Sauce
Vegan Caramel
Whether you’re vegan or not, this sauce is still worth checking out for its unique flavor profile, which evokes the burnt sugar on the top of a perfect crème brulee.  Tasty!
Organic Date Syrup
Organic Date Syrup

This sweetener is made from organic dates, nothing else.  Sweet, thick & packed with rich tangy/fruity date flavor, the use of date syrup may date back to ancient Mesopotamia and is still common in the Middle East.  Give it a try!

Organic Curry Ketchup
Curry Ketchup

This duck knows what’s up.  Ketchup with curry spices instead of corn syrup.  Grilling season is coming, you should have this on hand.

Ssam Korean Chili Sauce
Ssam Sauce

Made famous by restaurants in Chef David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant group, this version of classic Korean ssamjang chile sauce blends sweet, sour, spicy and intensely savory into an addictive general purpose condiment.

Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers
Dried Pea FLowers

These unique flowers make a mild herbal tea when steeped in hot water.  Much more exciting however is how they color the water, turning it a gorgeous blue.  Stir in an acidic ingredient like lemon juice, and it shifts before your eyes into a deep royal purple.

Use butterfly pea flowers to make tea, simple syrup for cocktails, colored ice cubes, rice & more.

Wiri Wiri Chile Powder
Wiriwiri powder

Ground from fiery chilies commonly found in the cuisines of Central America, the Caribbean & the Yucatan.

Poblano Chile Powder
poblano Chilie Powder

Grassy & a touch spicy, green poblano chile powder brings different flavors to your dishes than mulato chilies & ancho chilies (both made from poblanos).

Zinfandel Verjus


Verjus is an ancient ingredient that is used similarly to vinegar.  Instead of being wine changed by bacteria into vinegar, this is juice pressed from under-ripe grapes (a byproduct of winemaking) that is similarly bright & acidic.

Water Balloon Plum Jam

These plump plums with a funny name make fantastic jam, and Ayako of Ayako & Family knows just how to make it.

New to Marx Foods:
Iberico Back Fat

We added a full line of succulent Iberico pork cuts to the store last month, but we have one more to add to the collection: back fat (aka fat back).  Iberico pork fat is sweet, creamy, and highly prized by chefs in-the-know.

Paw Paws

Paw Paws aren’t in season yet, they typically show up in September…but we’re ready for when they do!  Check out the new product page for more information about this unique native American fruit!

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