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Smoked Honey!

Smoked Honey

Sweet, rich, and elegantly smoky – this honey blends the floral characteristics of wildflower honey with cold white oak smoke – a fascinating addition to cocktails, dressings, sauces, desserts, fruit salads & more!

New Cooking Sauce

Mole Cooking Sauce

Mole Poblano Paste

Super easy & super tasty – this sauce lets you take weeknight meals to Mexico with minimal fuss.

Other Pantry Items

Organic Kaniwa Granulated Lemon Peel

Organic Kaniwa

Granulated Lemon Peel

Green Serrano Powder No Photo  

Green Serrano Chile Powder

Dried Lupini Beans


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Maple Buds

maple buds

Sweet, floral maple buds are the young growths of big leaf maple trees.  They’re prized by foragers for use in fritters, teas & syrups.

We’ve missed the season this year, but keep an eye out for them next spring!

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