New Iberico Pork, Snails & More!

Some really exciting new products just hit the Marx Foods & Marx Pantry stores.  Check them out!


New to Marx Foods:

Iberico Pork from Spain

Iberico Pork is considered amongst the world’s finest pork.  You’ve probably heard of Iberico ham, but it turns out the rest of the hog is also incredibly delicious.  “Chefs are telling us it’s the best pork they’ve ever worked with” kinda’ delicious.

If you want to party like Spaniards do, go for the secreto or pluma (end loin), season simply with salt & pepper, then sear or grill it to an internal temperature of 125°F (more rare than Americans normally would).*

You’ll be amazed by how succulent and tasty it is.


American-Grown Escargots

In an announcement has been a long time coming (that’s a snail joke), we’re super jazzed to now be carrying American escargots.  They’re farmed here in Washington State and sold shelled & frozen – ready to saute or bake in some butter, garlic & parsley.

Because they’re frozen, not canned, and are the smaller, more tender petit gris variety, their texture and flavor are significantly better than most on the market.

Take your time savoring them (also a snail joke) and you’ll be rewarded.


New to Marx Pantry:

Portuguese & Spanish Tinned Fish

We’re not talking about run of the mill canned tuna here.  Portugal and Spain both produce some of the world’s finest tinned fish in a tradition referred to as conservas.  We’ve tried a bunch over the years, and the ones we finally decided to carry are by far the best.

They’re so good that you can simply serve them with crusty bread, maybe some leafy greens or a lentil salad, and you’ve got instant high-class tapas.  Yum!

Check them out!


Coffee Flour

You’ve probably never heard of coffee flour before, but that’s about to change.  This exciting new food represents the cutting edge of sustainable super foods & is already starting to garner a lot of press & praise.

Coffee Flour is made from the fruit that grows around coffee beans.  It has a fruity flavor, a little caffeine, and is naturally very nutritious & also gluten free.  It can be used in baked goods or as a seasoning.


Paella Kit

Our new Paella Kit contains everything you need to make the delicious Spanish one-pot classic, besides a pan and some fresh meats (we recommend chicken, rabbit, or the aforementioned snails), seafood, or vegetables.

We’ve picked out just the right rice, the right base broths, and the right pimenton (also new).  All of which were made in Spain for real Spaniards, then imported for you. (we know a guy)

What are you waiting for?  It’s paella time!


Fresh As Freeze Dried Fruits

We know you’ve seen freeze dried fruit before.  This is not that fruit.

Fresh As produces freeze dried fruit that’s been painstakingly hand-cut & processed for use in fine dining restaurants.  It also happens to make a very tasty snack, with much better flavor, texture & appearance than the other stuff.

We now offer their mandarin segments and strawberry slices.  Lychees are coming soon!


Orgeat Syrup

Stop giggling.  It’s pronounced “orzaht.”  The word’s French…which means it’s fancy.

Orgeat is a nutty, creamy, floral syrup infused with almonds, orange blossom water and, in this instance, apricot kernels.  It’s an essential ingredient in tiki drinks like the Mai Tai.

We’ve tried several, and Small Hand Foods’ Orgeat is the best.


Dried Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms

The latest addition in our epic quest to bring you all the mushrooms worth eating, saffron milk cap mushrooms are earthy & smoky with a slightly crunchy texture after you rehydrate them.


That’s all the stuff that’s new now, but we’re constantly adding more.  Stay tuned!


* We’re obligated to mention that the USDA says you should always cook pork to an internal temperature of 145°F with a 3 minute rest for safety.

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