New to Marx Pantry in January

We added a ton of new pantry products to the store in January…here’s just about half of them!

New Crackers

bespoke chile crackers bespoke rosemay crackers

Bespoke Chile Crackers

Bespoke Rosemary & Lemon Crackers

New Salts

black garlic salt admiralty sea salt

Black Garlic Salt

Admiralty Sea Salt

New Sweets

cranberry pumpkin seed chocolate tiles

Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Tiles

Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Tiles – Limited Edition, get them while you can!

rakka bourbon chocolate rakka 85% poco 5 spice chocolate bar

Raaka Organic 82% Barrel Aged Chocolate

Raaka Organic 85% Unroasted Chocolate

Poco Dolce Five Spice Bittersweet Chocolate

poco olive oil chocloate poco hazelnut chocolate poco sea salt

Poco Dolce Olive Oil & Salt Bittersweet Chocolate

Poco Dolce Hazelnut Bittersweet Chocolate

Poco Dolce Sea Salt Bittersweet Chocolate

omnom chocolate bar

70% Papua New Guinea Chocolate

New Honey

shipwreck honey shipwreck honey

Shipwreck Wildflower Honey

Shipwreck Raspberry Honey

More New Products

caraway pickles real dill bloody mary scrappy bitters mix

Caraway Garlic Dill Pickles

Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix

Scrappy’s Classic Bitters Mini Sampler

rosemay pork clouds pear quince marmalade cherry sherry fennel jam

Rosemary Pork Clouds

V Smiley Pear Quince Orange Ginger Marmalade

V Smiley Cherry Sherry Fennel Jam

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