PR Pinky Toe Dipping

Even though our webstore will never be complete, we are ready to be on the radar of the big food media.  Don’t you think it is time for them to know us?  (if you agree and you know a food journalist or editor, tell them what you think of us, ok?  Cool.)

If you are one of our blogger friends, you have a sense of the goodness that we are about to unleash with our mailer.  27 selected journalists and editors have some heat headed their way…

I am loving the way these boxes turned out.  It was most definitely a team effort.  Matt & Ryan put a fresh look on the sides with spraypaint and stencils, Matt hand wrote the line on the top of the box and Matthew put together some nice copy for the inside.  Angela packed all of the chile samples, about 10 varieties in each box.  Love it guys!

Is it wrong to be excited to burn some prominent buttholes over the next few weeks?

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