Thoughts on Voting … and the RD Challenge

It has been awhile since we discussed voting methods and we have had a chance to try some new stuff. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

The Ridiculously Delicious Challenge went very well. Do you agree? Since it was a multi-stage challenge, we were able to try

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several voting methods and make sure that no particular method overwhelmed the results.

In the first round, we selected challengers. In round two, we did a neutered reader poll that was designed to prevent it from being a popularity contest … rather than the poll selecting the winner, it was used as a tool to advance 80% of the challengers. In round three, we let the challengers vote … they cast their vote by re-making one of the recipes submitted in the previous round. And, in the fourth and final round we did a weighted average that gave the challengers a little more than 50% of the votes, with the rest going to the Marx Foods staff.

In the next couple days we are going to announce our 3rd Annual Morel Recipe Challenge. Our initial inclination was to have two winners: one selected by reader poll and the other by an internal vote of challengers and Marx Foods staff only. 2 winners. But, we decided to do only the latter and instead let the top vote getter bestow the second prize on another challenger of their choice. Should be fun.

So … any thoughts or feedback on voting?

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  1. I like your system of voting and challenges. I think changing it up every few times will go a long way toward making everyone happy (on average). 🙂


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